The Monsoon Magic

  • Jun

    You are what you celebrate goes the old adage. Actually I just made that one up

  • Jun

    I am not sure everyone knows this, but the ‘monsoon’ is not the season, but the name for the wind that brings rain from the southwest over the Indian subcontinent

  • Everybody has a favourite memory associated with their vacation destination. Sometimes it is a childhood memory and at other times it is a ‘dream-vacation’ they could finally afford

  • But of course I will start with the Singin’ In The Rain! Admit it, when you think rain and music, you have Gene Kelly tap dancing in your head, swinging

  • When scorching su­mmer hits the plains of India, the hardcore athletes airily tell recreational athletes how to beat the heat and continue to train outdoors. One can confine oneself

  • Monsoon is such a blissful time. The drizzling foggy mornings dark clouds roaring throughout the day and rain showers drenching one and all makes it look nothing

  • For someone like me living in Delhi, the onset of monsoon is a sign of relief from the stifling heat of the preceding months that just does not allow us

  • Hooray! The monsoon is around the corner, finally! Maybe the farmers around the country will be able to get a good harvest, and the groundwater, which has been badly depleted