In Love with Shakespeare

  • May
    By Sudha Shastri

    In an academic phase that has been ushered in by the well known critic Raymond Williams questioning of English studies — its rel­evance, indeed its very raison d’être — William

  • By Mini Chandran

    The surest and most effective way to ‘kill off’ an author is to get him / her taught in the classroom. Explained, annotated, quoted, short- and long-questioned, s/he is

  • In Shakespeare, the trope of the mirror or gazing at the face of the other that mirrors one’s self is a recurring theme evoking a sense of displacement — sometimes

  • By Sudha Shastri

    The western tradition of revering the ‘truth of the imagination’ and asserting its moral power is nowhere more forcefully evident than among the English romantic poets. Centuries before them,