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  • Nov
    By Dinesh C Sharma

    On a recent visit to the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), one of the oldest research labs of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in New Delhi, I had

  • By Saahil Anant, Ashish Bhatia

    IOS 10 is a milestone software update for iPhones iPads or iPods from Apple. With myriads of new features functions and tweaks the latest release of

  • Over the past couple of generations maybe more we’ve always bemoaned the decline in the number of readers. When I was a child back the 1980s

  • Oct
    By Dinesh C Sharma

    Predatory pricing is something which people are now familiar with in context of the ongoing price war in India’s broadband market. The world of science is also witnessing turmoil

  • By Emily C Collins

    Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) is a relatively new area of research spanning multiple disciplines, from biology and psychology to engineering and AI. The goal of HRI is to understand how

  • It’s no secret that we’re fighting malware on a war footing. And one type of malware that is particularly scary is ransomware

  • Most often gadgets are an improved means to an unimproved end. Tech toys that distract us with their intricacy befuddling our brains with fancy functionality achieving and

  • Oct

    What do you see when you imagine a reader? A student hunched over a textbook? A youngster engrossed in a story? An adult curled up in bed late at night