K11 Fitness on a rapid expansion

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K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences, India’s first NSDC-funded fitness science institute, is on an expansion mode. Branded as K11, the academy, which, at present, has its full fledged centres in Delhi, Mumbai and Pune, is well set to put up its centres in Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Jaipur, said Kaizzad Capadia, co-founder and director. It will also upgrade its smaller centre at Indore into a full-fledged state-of-the-art academy. That’s not all. Eventually it will expand into tier-II, tier-III cities and smaller towns also.

“K11 has got a funding of Rs 8 crore for the first five years of its operation with the mandate of skilling up and provide employment to 50,000 fitness enthusiasts by 2022,” said Capadia.

The fitness industry in India continues to grow at a rate of nearly 18 per cent as a steep rise witnessed in the disposable incomes of Indians in the recent years and subsequently the desire to look and feel good, coupled with a preventive approach to healthcare, has led to a continuous increase in demand of well trained and qualified fitness personal trainers in India, industry analysts pointed out.

Kalyani Capadia, chief executive officer, K11, said that on getting successful trainings at K11 Academy, these young trainers either get employed in gymnasiums or health clubs at lucrative salaries or work as highly paid personal trainers on freelance basis. Both in terms of financial comforts and job satisfaction, the career as a personal trainer is extremely rewarding for young fitness enthusiasts. Some of the students, who undergo K11 Master Trainer Course, also get absorbed by K11 Academy itself. The K11 Master Trainer Course, Kaizzad Capadia’s newly born brainchild, was originally designed to meet the growing demand of practical coaches for the ever increasing PT Course batches.

These K11 Teachers that handle the practicals need almost perfect technique. “So far K11 Academy has trained over 50,000 India youth over the last 14 years (we had been doing this even before we got the NSDC funding). We are by far the most established and credible brand and the largest provider of qualified human resources to the Indian fitness industry. We continue to provide highly skilled fitness trainers to most reputed and recognized gyms and gym chains across the country. We have a stellar track record for placements of highly qualified K11 trainers. We are committed to the mandate given to us by NSDC to up-skill and provide employment to 50,000 Indians by 2022,” said Kaizzad Capadia.

K11 Academy is also open to the idea of upgrading some existing vocational training centres or skill development centres, in case they have sufficient space (at least 5000 sq ft) and other infrastructure facilities. “But we do not want to compromise on quality just for the sake of growing rapidly. At the end of the day, our goal is to turn K11 into the biggest fitness training brand in the country, not in terms of sheer numbers, but in terms of quality of training and facilities,” said Capadia.

In order to push its brand further, K11 has also come up with some merchandise products including K11 Strong Series racerback tank tops for gents and ladies. Going forward there will be many such merchandises.



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