• Nov

    The survival of Test cricket is only possible if the game attracts spectators into the stadium. BCCI must be complimented for taking a good and positive step of taking

  • In recent years no other journalist has garnered the kind of attention or controversy that Arnab Goswami did. His exit is being interpreted in various ways; that he

  • An interesting novel that I am reading, The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty, has a situation where one of the characters falls in love with his wife’s first cousin who

  • One of the earliest memories I have as I set on the path of the Bollywood life was signing a contract that prevented me from making any comments that were

  • Surely at some point or the other we have been appalled by instances of public apathy. We have seen or heard of real-life emergency situations where passersby

  • Nov

    I am going to strike a very serious note and take about Body Image Disorders. Broadly known as Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is a mental disorder characterized by

  • Oct

    The most wonderful development for cricket recently has been the acceptance, on a trial basis by the BCCI, as regards the Umpire Decision Review System popularly known as DRS.

  • Why do we go to work? If you ask this question honestly to yourself, one factor that will come up rather quickly is money. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs clearly

  • Sometime back there was a raging debate going on the social media in my circles. Someone who had a terrible experience on a flight with bawling babies chose

  • Oct

    Why did that interviewer talk so abruptly to me? How come I got such a poor performance review while the other guy— who actually sucked at the job, got a