Ready for raindrops

Put your wet weather woes away with these tips and tricks on dressing up for monsoon

Ready for raindrops
Monsoon is such a blissful time. The drizzling foggy mornings, dark clouds roaring throughout the day and rain showers drenching one and all, makes it look nothing less than a fairyland. Or wait, not quite. With the pleasant weather, come puddles, muck and the rain itself, which one has to dodge on a daily basis.

No wonder, the upcoming rainy season has the fashionista in us worry about how the monsoon is going to dampen our style from head-to-toe. So, as a relief, these rain-proof ideas by leading designers can provide some protection and keep you stylish at the same time.

Apparel: Wearing airy and breathable fabrics such as cotton blends or lighter blends is crucial for monsoon dressing, for both men and women. "Choose lightweight fabrics that can be dried easily. Nylon, silk and synthetic blend cotton are preferable. Balloon raincoats in pastel shades, rain ponchos in fun prints, bright coloured tank tops and shorts, A-line midi skirts and dresses are ideal for monsoon time," says Delhi-based designer Arjun Saluja, whose Spring/Summer ‘16 collection, HAQ, includes a striped bomber jacket made from synthetic cotton blend, making it monsoon-friendly yet classy.

Using multiple layers in your outfit can take you places this monsoon, as layering provides great scope for styling and functionality simultaneously. Designer Aneeth Arora of Pero — whose autumn winter line showcased at this year's Amazon Fashion Week includes an antique Indonesian Ikat jacket, black and white gingham jumpsuit with basic white shirt and checked cotton gamchas -- says, "Layering is perfect for monsoon as the weather is pleasant enough to wear two-three layers of sheer garments of varied lengths or a soft jacket, which aids in interesting styling, without making it too hot and uncomfortable for the wearer."

Similarly, Jaipur-based designer Swati Vijaivargie suggests opting for colourful striped dresses to cheer up the gloomy rainy mood, such as the one from her collection at the Lakme Fashion Week Spring Summer this year. "It is nice and bright, and the fabric is apt for monsoon season. Breathable yet non-transparent."

During heavy outpours, the kind of fabric that one wears becomes crucial. Therefore, Mumbai-based designers Sana and Sulakshana of The Circus suggest, "Monsoon dressing could be tricky because the weather gets really humid. Avoid white and very light colours. You would like to wear something lightweight and flowy, but at the same time the fabric shouldn't be too transparent in case of heavy showers."

If the fabric is too light, both in colour and weight, it can go transparent once wet. On the other hand, if the texture is too thick and heavy, it can attract moisture and odour. "Every season demands appropriate fashion, which is why I would suggest everyone to be very careful during the monsoon when denims are a big no", says Delhi-based designer Samant Chauhan, who suggests you to invest in a pair of shorts and knee-length harem pants to deal with puddles. "Well, I believe that this is the best time to wear wrinkle free and easy to wash clothes. Women can always choose from light-blended fabrics such as lycra or polyester. This is the season to choose from fashionable yet wearable clothing; from knee-length kurtis and leggings to skirts and dresses, paired with your favourite scarf," adds Chauhan.

Shoes: While we must limit ourselves to skin-friendly materials during monsoon, don’t let it cramp your sense of style. So, it is a safe bet to swap your leather shoes for more reliable ones in plastic, Perspex or those with rubber soles.

"Since the weather gets very humid and sticky during rains, one must opt for open footwear that is airy. You don't want to wear closed shoes that lead to fungal infections in case of prolonged contact with water or moisture on your skin. For the same reason, you should avoid leather," says footwear designer Swati Mehrotra, who has specially designed a type of footwear made to deal with the wet days. Called 'flatforms' – these are for both for men and women -- these shoes are covered with a thin film of plastic, have elevated rubber soles in bright colours and act as a raincoat for the shoe's silhouette.

Jewellery & accessories: This is the season to let your inner child out by opting for plastic/beaded jewellery and rubber watches in neon colours. "Your monsoon jewellery closet must be wisely chosen. The jewellery shouldn't be in metal because the humidity and rain can tarnish them. Jewellery made of glass, plastic and wood are best during these days," suggests Gaurika Modi, who designs a fusion of traditional and modern pieces, using various materials like copper, brass and other mixed alloys, studded with crystals, beads and semi-precious stones.

One can also keep oneself dry and trendy by picking the right accessories that end up becoming our rain essentials, such as messenger bags in transparent/colourful plastic, patent leather and bold shades. And how can your monsoon be complete without a classic, quintessential umbrella? For this reason, Chauhan has designed a number of chic umbrellas with leather handles as well as canvas bags with waterproof lining for this season. So now that your guide to monsoon dressing is ready, get out there and embrace those raindrops in the most fashionable way.



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