Prabhudatta Mishra

Prabhudatta Mishra
Special Correspondent
New Delhi
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  • Jul 14 2017, 0013

    The government has almost finalised the report on measures to double farmers’ income by 2022 and is likely to put it on the website next week for public feedback.

  • Jul 14 2017, 0006

    Deficient rain in Karnataka and Kerala, two major states where plantation crops such as tea, coffee, rubber and spices are grown, could decrease farmers’ income, as yield is likely to

  • Jul 13 2017, 1603

    The central government’s flagship soil health card scheme seems to have been derailed by shoddy implementation as some states have hired private agencies, which have employed not properly qualified people

  • Jul 11 2017, 2344

    Rival stock exchanges NSE and BSE are having a go at each other as they strongly compete for a major slice of the National Academic Depository (NAD) cake. They

  • Jul 05 2017, 2354

    India risks losing over $260 million rice business to Pakistan after the European Union’s (EU) zero tolerance on Tricyclazole chemical, claiming it may cause cancer. European countries will not

  • Jul 04 2017, 2340

    The government has deferred implementation of DBT in fertiliser by a month citing GST rollout as the reason. The actual reason however could be the apprehension

  • Jul 03 2017, 2342

    The government is all set to tweak customs duties in different commodities, including sugar, edible oils, wheat, pulses and fertiliser, starting this week to align them with local rates after

  • Jun 23 2017, 1657

    Politics over issues concerning farmers, who are a very influential factor in elections, can take a big toll on the finances of state governments as more and more states are

  • Jun 19 2017, 2308

    Ahead of assembly elections in Gujarat and Karnataka, the prime minister’s office is believed to have directed the finance ministry to study the whole issue of farm loans and work

  • Jun 19 2017, 0130

    Sugar mills in Uttar Pradesh continue to hold payment of farmers. A huge amount of Rs 3 175 crore is due to farmers even as the state produced a