Arnav Pandya

Arnav Pandya
The writer is a CA and certified financial planner
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  • Nov 06 2016, 2210

    Several fund options are present under the mutual fund category and one of these is a gilt fund. Gilt funds open up the investment choice further as

  • Oct 16 2016, 2350

    Lots of times investors find themselves in a situation where the market experiences a downturn, making them consider the option of selling off all their mutual fund units. Taking

  • Oct 02 2016, 2333

    Investors often face problem in finding an effective way to safekeep their investment-related documents so that these are easily accessible in the future. For, one may be required to

  • Sep 25 2016, 2224

    The national pension system (NPS) has introduced two new investment options for its investors with varied equity exposures.

  • Sep 19 2016, 0028

    Companies are looking for variation in their debt offerings to attract investors. The variation is offered in both types of instruments and within instruments

  • Sep 11 2016, 2211

    Anyone who has used phone banking would have experienced the pain of punching in numbers. A small mistake and one has to start all over again

  • Sep 08 2016, 2314

    A change in the dividend approach of several balanced funds is creating an environment of confusion for investors.
    These balanced funds contrary to the earlier practice of paying

  • Sep 04 2016, 2349

    Insurance regulator Irdai recently announced fresh health insurance guidelines, and this is likely to change the nature of the health insurance offerings in the country. Several conditions have been

  • Sep 01 2016, 2215

    Mutual funds often face episodes of value erosion in their schemes when some investments turn sour in a scheme. This is true for both equity and debt funds

  • Aug 28 2016, 2326

    Lots of non-convertible debentures (NCDs) are making their way into the market, giving investors the option of adding one more instrument to their portfolio. While NCDs have been around